How i lost my phone and got it back through juggad

Charminar Night view

Let’s not go straight to the point. As per the previous day plan I have reached to my friend home and coordinated with other friend to join in a way. With two hours of ride in hefty traffic, we reached to point of 800m away from Charminar. There are full of puzzle kind of four feet wide streets (We taken this route as other main roads as been blocked in event of Ramazan season), We finally found a parking place in front of closed store after 30 mint in searching, even with suspicious instincts we parked there. We went on to walk through those puzzle roads and reached Charminar.

Mixed Biscuits with Chai

Charminar is very beautiful monument with food, shopping outlets along the road. There was heavy mass crowd, no way to move freely on road. With much of struggle we reach Charminar monument and had tea with mixed biscuits. We took some pictures there and started walking in crowd, going with stream like a leaf in a river. We have seen lot of ornaments, watches, foods, glasses etc. But major share of things we found there are for SHE category humans. We visited Mecca Masjid, it’s great visit for me after nearly two decades.

Mecca Masjid with lighting on event of Ramazan

There was wonderful lighting all over as it is Ramzan season. We took some pictures there too in heavy crowd. Later we started to search for Haleem and went into famous Pasta home( I just changed name). We waited for long time for table to vacate, finally we got one and had Haleem. It was 8PM around, we started walking in crowd again along the road, had sugarcane on the way. In the mid way someone pinched my back and overtaken me laughing. My bad luck, It all started there. I searched for my phone all over again, again and again in pockets but didn’t find. I asked my friends if they had with hope ( as we took some picture, phone got exchanged several times)

But no use, they didn’t have it and I realized that it was stolen in crowd. I started panic with sweating like rain on me. One my friend insisted me to use Find my phone option in his phone through my Google account. I used it and as per my friend idea I secured it with display as “Charminar Police” and call option which directs to my friend number. I tried to call my number for 4–5times but all trails resulted same voice of “switched off”. After 10–15mint I was normalized and thoughts came though my mind about next plans to buy phone, New Sim, setup office apps so that to join work seamlessly. We walked to our bike parking point through the same crowd this time with my hands in my pocket to not lose my purse at least. I informed my family about the situation from my friend phone. We started our ride to home, with no hope. After a ride of 5KMs, my friend (pillow rider)got call from my dad saying the my phone got lifted by some person and that guy will wait to handover my phone to me. We also called phone and this time the call was lifted and he informed that he will be there at pasta home (where we had Haleem).

We took U-Turn and started riding my bike like rocket. To my surprise, my pillow rider got just 10% charging in his phone ( other friend got missed out while driving and he was unable to lift the call in traffic). We are not aware of the route to the Charminar, so we took help of Google maps and I pushed my bike harder through streets simultaneously we kept calling to my phone to wait him at the stated location. Charging percentage of my friend phone is draining from 10%, 7%, 5% finally to 3%. I insisted my friend to off all sensors (geo location) and internet in his phone to save battery for final call to my phone. With help of locals we have finally reached to Pasta home with 1% charging remained in my friend phone. We called to my phone and that guy insisted to come inside pasta home. The guy was cashier of that hotel, he told it was displayed as Charminar Police so we lifted all calls that came through and waited there to handover. My friend told him that we just informed police about losing phone and that police made changes to put his contact number in my phone display.

That pasta home guy handed over my phone and asked me to inform police that phone got returned. I thanked him and paid some amount as gratitude.

My Bad Habit:

Later I remembered how it went through their hands. I have a bad habit of keeping phone, purse near to my knee, under my thigh while prepare to sit and eat. I was so excited and enjoying in my moments in such a way that I forgot that there was phone under my thigh and went out of pasta home without noticing things on chair. The staff ppl in that hotel found it and kept with them by switching it off. After sometime they switched it ON and phone displayed as Charminar Police, that’s where our juggad started working.

Juggad we did:

I recovered from shock of losing my phone and as my friend suggested enabled secure device through Find My Phone and made changes as such to display “Charminar Police” with call option.

Which in turn fears out the thief or the persons who ever had my phone with.

There is a high chance of getting your phone back to you if it is switched on and running with above juggad.

My lucky phone:

Juggad without a luck will not work always. In my case as per below.

  1. What if the phone was never switched on and went on to techi guy who can crack our juggad.
  2. What if the phone was switched on but Internet data was in off state (Find My Phone settings wont work in this case).
  3. What if my family didn’t tried to call my number for several times though I gave up and started returning home.
  4. What if my pillow rider was not with me and taken other friend bike. (Me left with no phone to get info about my phone there at pasta home)
  5. What if my friend’s phone switched off while we trying to reach that pasta home.
  6. What if there was no friend to implement juggad on immediate basis.

That adventure of roller coaster moments for me with in two hours of that day will be remembered for long time.

So finally, A Friend in need is a friend indeed.

Thanks for reading.

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Front End Developer using ReactJS

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